Presse release-LEAD AERO is growing

23 Feb Presse release-LEAD AERO is growing




Through our customized formula, our customers are able to conquer new clients and develop its market shares.
Our development is strong, based on our success with those who have trusted us.
Since its launch in 2012, LEAD AERO started to gain the trust of European and American SMEs specialized in aerospace industry. Today we are managing the international development of a number of SMEs whose specialty is the manufacture of tools, ground equipment, aircraft tractors, research and development and services dedicated to aircraft maintenance.
We have been chosen few days ago by Techman-Head Tools, a French company based in Toulon, specialized in tooling manufacturing and ground support equipment for aircraft maintenance.
As part of our development strategy and to better meet the expectations of our clients, we are pleased to announce the recruitment of Ms. SOKOLOVA Anastasia, Russian-born mastering several languages, with a double commercial/engineer education, specialized in aerospace, she is in charge of development of our market in Russia & Eastern Europe.
If you are an SME in aerospace industry, who wants to conquer new international market at a lower cost, please contact us.

Founder & CEO